Dr. Caspi views therapy as a pragmatic problem-solving process which focuses on enacting positive and quick change.  Most of life’s problems are embedded in repeating patterns.  For example:


¨ Couples have the same types of fights over and over again. 


¨ Parents often say that no matter how many times they have spoken with their children, they continue to break the rules.


¨ Parents repeatedly disagree about to discipline  with one being “softer” than the other who believes they need to be “tougher.”


¨ Single people often claim they continue to “date the wrong man/woman.” 


Such patterns can be changed and life can be easier!

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Dr. Caspi maintains a very small practice.  As such, he is able to offer services at a very reasonable cost.  Call for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation.  Contact Dr. Caspi to explore service options, to discuss your situation, and for fee rate:  518-330-3052  

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About Treatment

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