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Family Therapist & Parent Consultant

Dr. Caspi has been a family, couples and individual therapist for over 20 years.† He maintains a small practice in offices in Montclair and Hazlet, NJ where he also offers coaching, parent consultation, supervision, and training services.†


He enjoys working with all things sibling-related from parenting sibling rivalry to dealing with difficult adult siblings. Sibling issues permeate life from how they affect child, adult and peer relationships to sibling loss, adoption, disabilities, mental & physical illness, and substance abuse, to generating jealousy to bickering & abuse.


Media Consultant & Public Speaking

Dr. Caspi† is frequently interviewed by the media; for television, magazine and newspaper articles, websites, podcasts and blogs. He has written three books, multiple articles, and has given hundreds of presentations and workshops to professionals and families.† He is an internationally recognized expert in family relationships


Professor & Education

Dr. Caspi is a full-time Professor and Director of the PhD in Family Studies program at Montclair State University.† He received his PhD in 1997 from the University at Albany and his MSW in 1992 from Hunter College in NYC.† He is licensed and holds the LCSW.




Dr. Jonathan Caspi